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Smart Management Module (SMM) for Honeywell Standby Generators - 6874
  • Smart Management Module (SMM) for Honeywell Standby Generators - 6874
Optimizes the performance of your standby generator

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  • Designed to optimize the performance of a standby generator
  • Self-Aware & Operate Autonomously
  • In-line installation means that No control wire required
  • Allows for faster installation, thus reducing labor costs
  • Reliable & accurate measure of generator engine performance
  • Intelligent power management algorithm prevents overload
  • Lock-Out Only Mode eliminates high demand non-essential loads during an outage
  • LED Module Status Light easily verifies which essential circuits are receiving power
  • NEMA 3R Weatherproof Enclosure allows for indoor and outdoor installations

Honeywell Smart Management Modules were designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of Honeywell Standby Generators. Unlike other management systems on another control device, Honeywell Smart Management Modules are programmed to be self-aware and operate autonomously. This allows systems to consist of up to (8) individual Smart Management Modules (SMM). Honeywell Smart Management Modules monitor the frequency (Hz) of the power being produced by Honeywell Standby Generators. Frequency can be defined as the truest measure of a generator's engine performance. It does not need to factor in increased ambient temperatures, elevation changes or generator fuel type. Should the frequency fall below a designated threshold, the smart management module will automatically follow a power management algorithm to ensure that the generator is not overloaded.

Honeywell Smart Management Modules can be set to a load priority between (one) and (eight). They can also be set in a lock out only mode for loads that do not require run in an outage. This can significantly reduce the necessary size of the generator for a more cost effective solution.

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