Maintenance Kits

Scheduled maintenance is a necessity for all standby generators. Honeywell Air Cooled Scheduled Maintenance Kits offer all the components necessary to perform a complete maintenance on Honeywell air-cooled generators. Oil will need to be purchased separately based upon the recommendations listed. Maintenance is recommended at every 200 hours or 2 years. If running in a dusty environment, more frequent maintenance may be required. Maintenance intervals may differ per model. Refer to the generator owner's manual for more information.

Cold Weather Kits

Honeywell Cold Weather Kits consist of an automatic thermostatically controlled battery pad warmer and crankcase heater. When temperatures fall below an acceptable level, the thermostat activates the battery warmer maintaining optimum battery temperature and also activates the crankcase oil heater for the best generator starting. This kit is recommended for generators installed in regions where the temperature regularly falls below 32° F.

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