Hurricane Preparedness - Emergency Equipment

If you plan on staying in your home during a hurricane you should make sure to have some basic emergency equipment available and accessible. This equipment will help you during the after-storm and clean-up transition. One of the most valuable and cost-effective pieces of equipment you can have is a portable generator. A portable generator will keep your refrigerator and or freezer operating so you will have food to eat and will not have to throw away your food and purchase more. Make sure to start and run your generator every 6 months and to keep plenty of fuel on hand - enough to last 3-5 days. If you or any family members have medical conditions that require equipment, make sure that your portable generator can handle the load required to run any medical equipment and your refrigerator / freezer. You may want to rotate appliance usage, consult your owner's manual for more information or call Shop Honeywell Generators to speak with a knowledgeable product representative.
A grill is another very useful piece of equipment. Whether you chose to have a gas grill or charcoal grill, make sure you have enough fuel on hand to last 3-5 days.

Between a portable generator and a working grill you will be able to prepare food, heat water and use other electrical devices that may be needed. This equipment will go far in making the transition time from hurricane strike to full recovery much more comfortable and bearable.
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