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Creating a account is easy:

When checking out, make sure to select the "New Customer" option. All you need to start is a valid email and a secure password of your choosing. After you complete your purchase, your account will be created and you will immediately gain all the benefits of being an account holder. If you already have an account setup, you can sign in to your account here.

Benefits of having a ShopHoneywellGenerators account:

  • Real time status updates on all your orders and returns.
  • Ability to see detailed order history.
  • Eligibility to enroll in subscription items to receive reoccurring discounts.
  • Access to more store features and quicker help times.
  • Connection to a dedicated sales representative if placing bulk orders.

Things you can change on your account:

  • Email Address and password.
  • Unsubscribe from email promotions.
  • Item subscriptions.
  • Delete Your Account / remove your information.
We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting any personal information you may provide us through our Website. View our privacy policy for more info.
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